Spirits are High

Spirits are High

My spirits have been higher that usual this week.  The hour long drive home from work typically has a negative affect on me as I sit and traffic and dwell upon all the shit that annoys me in life.  Once I get home my wife convinces me to jump on the mountain bikes and cruise the neighborhood and let off some steam. It has finally cooled off enough to be able to enjoy an evening ride. After the ride and settling in for the evening I picked up my Banjo and plucked away at a song I had been practicing a few months back.

It felt good to play music, the one thing you can lose yourself in and forget about the present.  It is so hard some days to do anything other than lay down on the couch after a long work day, you literally have to go against what you feel, and just do whatever is on your mind. Depression has a comfort zone and that zone is very small. For those afflicted depression rules many aspects of our lives, it takes fighting back with everything you can to simply muster up the courage or motivation to step outside the comfort zone and be who you want to be, if only for a minute.

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